Tibial Identities

Both Britam and others with a more Non-White theory on the Tribes of Israel have their break downs of specific nations for specific Tribes.

The reason my Lost Tribes speculation can't be viewed as Racist the way others are is because I remember that they were to be Scattered to the Whole World, to all Four Corners.  So I believe you can find descendants of the Northern Tribes all over the world.  I think to some degree every single individual alive right now may descend from Rachel much less Abraham.  And even within the extent to which I suspect some people groups are more Israelite then others, they are found in all four directions.

I shall list below my basic break down.  And then links to other posts where I've talked about this issue and so you can thus get the gist of why.  But some of this specific break down is more poetical reasons then historical or genetic ones, and I think each nation has remnants of other tribes among them to varying degrees.

This is mostly for fun, I do not think this is the key to understanding Bible Prophesy or anything.

Also you'll notice the only two Tribes I give more then one Nation for are the same two left out of Revelation 7 and the 144 Thousand.  Maybe that's a coincidence, maybe not, it just happens to be where my speculation lead me.

Tribes of Israel

Reuben = Tibet
Simeon = (Scattered in other Tribes, Temani Jews, Lemba, Idumeans, maybe the Salian Franks)
Levi = (Scattered in other Tribes, the Kohen)
Judah = Ethiopia/Aksum
Dan = Denmark, and other Germanic and Scandinavian peoples, including Anglo-Saxons
Naphtali = Kurdistan
Gad = Japan
Asher = Jamaica
Zebulun and Issachar = Hati
:Manesseh = United States (mixed with others both Israelite and gentile, The Melting Pot)
::Makhir = African Americans and Irish Immigrants
::Gilead = Missisipian Culture Native American Tribes
:Ephriam = Countries speaking Latin languages, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Mesoamerican/Latin American Nations, Texas, Philippines
:: Eran = Iran
Benjamin = Modern Israel

Links to my posts on the Lost Tribes

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Tribes of Israel and Religious Denominations

Reuben = Ancient Church of The East (Nestorian Church)
Simeon = Baptists
Levi = Karaite Judaism
Judah = Miaphysite Christianity
Dan = Eastern Orthodox
Naphtali = Shia Islam
Gad = Makuya Movement
Asher = Pentacostals
Zebulun = Protestants
Issachar = Rastafari
Manasseh = Mormonism
Ephraim = Roman Catholicism
Benjamin = Rabbinic Judaism

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