Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Second Resurrection

I did a post on The First Resurrection already.  I've updated that post fairly recently, so if you only read it when it was new, you might want to read it again.

Most assume the Second Resurrection is only of people who'll wind up in the Lake of Fire, and so the people at the White Throne Judgment who do not wind up there must be from earlier Resurrection events.  But what Revelation 20 says does not support this.  Those resurrected in verse 4 reigned with Christ a Thousand years, they received a reward already, there is no need for a future Judgment.  And the Bema Judgment of those Resurrected at The Rapture I firmly believe happens soon after The Rapture at the 7th Trumpet, because of Revelation 11:18.

Those Judged in Revelation 20:11-15 are only those Resurrected then.

Some Post-Tribbers, and others who oppose interpreting Revelation Chronologically, like some Post-Millenialists, point to John 5:28-29 to prove that those who are saved and those who aren't will be Resurrected at the same time.  But that's because they are assuming the Second Resurrection is only of people who'll be cast into the Lake of Fire when Revelation never ever says that.  Those verses from John 5 I believe say every person dead at that time will rise, but it does not preclude some being resurrected earlier.

The Sheep and Goats Judgment, which is the last Parable of Matthew 25, also supports this.  The fact is, those who Believed in Jesus in this Life are neither the Sheep or Goats, we are His Brethren, a clearly distinct entity in that parable.  This is also about the Second Resurrection.

Paul teaches in 1 Corinthians 15:23-26 that those who are Christ's are Resurrected at His Parusia, and the rest are resurrected when all the enemies have been defeated.  The last of which is Death. The Second Death, is the death of Death, as Revelation 20:14 clearly says.

This clear unambiguous teaching of Scripture harms a lot of traditional assumptions about Soterology.  And that is why I now direct you to my Sola Scriptura Christian Liberty blog.


  1. If the sheep of The Sheep and The Goats parable, are unbelievers, wouldn't that imply that an unbeliever can earn heaven by helping out poor or imprisoned Christians?

    1. Salvation is a Free Gift ultimately given to everyone. This is about who does and doesn't have to face some chastisement first.