Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Biblical Calendar Proposal

[Update: This is semi defunct now with my new Passion Week Chronology.]

In 2019 I first made a post arguing the Biblical Calendar isn’t actually Lunar but still supporting the Sunset to Sunset assumption, later I made a post rejecting that arguing Biblically for a Sunrise based Calendar.  Now I’m going to make a Calendar proposal of my own.

The Day the Spring Equinox is observed should always be the last day of the year, with the following Sunrise being the New Year.  During the 21st Century the Spring Equinox will almost always be March 20th on the Gregorian Calendar.

Sunrise March 21-Sunrise March 22 is Rosh Chodesh of the First Month, Ezekiel 45:18-19.  This month is named Aviv/Abib in Exodus 13:4, 23:15, 34:18 and Deuteronomy 16:1.

Sunrise March 27-Sunrise March 28 is Ezekiel 45:20 (take the KJV reading but replace “simple” with Disabled).

Sunrise March 30-Sunrise March 31 is Yom HaAliyah, the Triumphal Entry and the Day the Passover Lamb is presented.in Exodus 12:3-5.

Sunrise April 3-Sunrise April 4 is Passover, Leviticus 23:.5,  Numbers 28:16 and Ezekiel 45:21-22.  The Passover Lamb is slain during the Twilight Hours and the meal is eaten at Sunset according to Exodus 12 starting in verse 6 and Numbers 9:3.  This is also when Jesus was Crucified.

Sunrise April 4-Sunrise April 5 is a High Day treated like a Sabbath regardless of the actual day of the week according to Leviticus 23:7, Exodus 12:16, Numbers 28:18 and John 19:31.  Which contextualizes John 19:14 & 42, Matthew 27:26, Mark 15:42 and Luke 23:54.

Sunrise April 4-Sunrise April 11 is the Seven Day Feast of Unleavened Bread, Leviticus 23:6-8, Exodus 12:15, Numbers 28:17 and Ezekiel 45:21 & 23-24.

Sunrise April 10-Sunrise April 11 is another High Day treated like a Sabbath, Leviticus 23:8 and Exodus 12:15 & 19, Numbers 28:25.

The Sunday of April 5-11 is the Aparche offering, Leviticus 23:9-14, and the first day of the Omer, Leviticus 23:15-16.  This Sunday is Resurrection Sunday, Matthew 28, Mark 16, Luke 24, John 20, I Corinthians 15:20-23.  Which in the year it actually happened fell on the 17th of the First Month in the chronology I favor, which correlates to the Morning of April 6th in this Scheme.

Sunrise April 20-Sunrise April 21 is Rosh Chodesh of the Second Month.  This Month is named Zif in 1 Kings 6:1-37.

April 30th, The Death of Eli’s sons and taking of The Ark in I Samuel 4.

Sunrise May 3-Sunrise May 4 is Second Passover, Numbers 9:9-12.

The Thursday of May 7-13 is Lag BaOmer.

The Thursday of May 14-20 is Ascension Thursday.

Sunrise May 20-Sunrise May 21 is Rosh Chodesh of the Third Month.

The Sunday of May 24-30 is Shavuot/Pentecost the day of the Bikkurim offering, Leviticus 23:17-22 and Number 28:26-31.

Sunrise June 19-Sunrise June 20 is Rosh Chodesh of the Fourth Month

Sunrise July 5-Sunrise July 6 is the Fast of the Fourth Month.

Sunrise July 19-Sunrise July 20 is the Rosh Chodesh of the Fifth Month.

Sunrise July 27-Sunrise July 28 is the Fast of the Fifth Month.

Sunrise August 2-Sunrise August 3 is Hag HaAhava.

Sunrise August 18-Sunrise August 19 is Rosh Chodesh of the Sixth Month, Haggai 1:1.

Sunrise September 10-Sunrise September 11 is Haggai 1:15.

The Seventh Month is named Ethanim in 1 Kings 8:2.

Sunrise September 17-Sunrise September 18 is the Rosh Chodesh of the Seventh Month.  As well as Yom Teruah a High Sabbath according to Leviticus 23:23-25.

Sunrise September 19-Sunrise September 20 is the Fast of the Seventh Month, Jeremiah chapter 41.

Sunset September 25th begins the 24 Hour period of Afflicting our Souls, Leviticus 23:32.

Sunrise September 26th Begins Yom Kippur.  Leviticus 16 and 23:26-33.

Sunset September 26th ends the 24 Hour Afflicting of Souls, Leviticus 23:32.

Sunrise September 27th ends Yom Kippur.

Sunrise October 1-Sunrise October 2 is a High Sabbath, Leviticus 23:35-36.

Sunrise October 1-Sunrise October 8 is The Seven Day Feast of Tabernacles. Leviticus 23:34-44 and Ezekiel 45:25

Sunrise October 7-Sunrise October 8 is Hoshana Rabbah and Haggai Chapter 2:1-9.

Sunrise October 8-Sunrise October 9 is Shemini Atzeret.

Sunrise October 17-Sunrise October 18 is Rosh Chodesh of the Eight Month, which is named Bul in 1 Kings 6:38.

Sunrise October 31-Sunrise November 1 is The Feast of Jeroboam, 1 Kings 12:32-33.

Sunrise November 16-Sunrise November 17 is Rosh Chodesh of the Ninth Month.

November 30th is the day Antiochus Epiphanes placed an Idol of Zeus Olympus on The Brazen Altar.

December 9th is Haggai 2:10-20-23.

Sunrise December 10-Sunrise December 18 is Hanukkah.

Sunrise December 16-Sunrise December 17 is Rosh Chodesh of the Tenth Month, called Tebeth in Esther 2:16.

Sunrise December 25-Sunrise December 26 is The Fast of The Tenth Month, 2 Kings 25:1, Jeremiah 52:4 and Ezekiel 24:1.  This Day becoming Christmas is the beginning of Zechariah 8:19’s Prophecy of the Fasts becoming cheerful feasts of Joy and Gladness.  It being Nine months and Ten days from the start of the year (the  280th day) makes it an ideal Birthday based on the Jewish Holidays correlation to the Gestation cycle theory.

January 1st is Circumcision Day.

Sunrise January 15-Sunrise January 16 is Rosh Chodesh of the Eleventh Month.

Sunrise January 29-Sunrise January 30 is Hag ha-Ilanot.

Sunrise February 3-Sunrise February 4 is Candlemas.

Sunrise February 14-Sunrise February 15 is Rosh Chodesh of the Twelfth Month, which is named Adar in Ezra 6:15 and many times is Esther.

Sunrise February 26-Sunrise February 27 is the Fast of Esther.

Sunrise February 27-Sunrise February 28 is Purim.

February 28th is Shushan Purim.

Sunrise of March 16th, or March 15th if if February had a 29th day, begins the extra days.

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