Tuesday, June 9, 2015

More on The Southern Conjecture

I want to clarify that my support for the Southern Conjecture view is independent of how it may or may not tie into Eschatology.  I'm not even confident anymore the Third Temple will be built on the same place (Revelation 11 is the only reason I'm certain it's in Jerusalem and not somewhere else like Shiloh, Shechem or Bethel where Ezekiel's Temple will be).  If it is built on a High Place like where the Dome of The Rock now is that'll just be further proof The Temple the Man of Sin will violate was never truly of God.

My views on End Times Prophecy have shifted since I made the first Southern Conjecture related post on this blog.  For one that was originally devised when I was much more convinced then I have been recently of the Mahdi=Antichrist view.  But even more recently I've perhaps become less hostile to it as my fondness for Chris White's view has waned.

But more importantly I brought Daniel 11:36-45 into it a great deal.  I now no longer view that as End Times.

I do state during that Daniel 11 study that I think the Appeden refers to the Antonia Fortress. Which I view as having been where the Dome of The Rock is now.  Reasons for that are argued for by other Southern Conjecture supporters here.  The Antonia fortress was the seat of Roman Government within Jerusalem.

Josephus Antiquities of The Jews Book 12 Chapter 5 clearly describes there being a hill overlooking The Temple, and on that hill Antiochus Epiphanies built a fortification.

Between the Antonia Fortress and the Dome of The Rock it was Hadrian's Temple Complex.  Looking at the pictures of how they line up, I'm not an expert on Roman Temples but it looks like the Jupiter Temple proper was where the Al Aqsa Mosque is, I'm not sure what that circular area over the Rock would be.  If anyone would like to explain it to me feel free to leave a comment.

I don't know what was there if anything before the Antonia Fortress.  I must correct my past statements about wherever Solomon placed his Idols to Chemosh and Moloch.  Apparently that was probably the Mount of Olives.

I also want to reiterate my view that the Giihon Spring site being advocated now by Bob Conruke was where the Tabernacle of David stood.  The site of Solomon's Temple David didn't buy till after the Census and the Plague and Absolam's death.  The Ark remained in the Tabernacle of David all through the construction of Solomon's Temple.

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