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Rob Skiba and The Nephilim

[Update, July 2016, please read This Post instead.]

I've been researching what Rob Skiba is teaching.  I like his personality, I'm finally discovering fellow Christians who are also openly Nerdy, that's fun.  I've got some issues with how he builds his theories.  He's very dependent on Extra-Biblical texts, and I have fun researching those too, but we shouldn't take them as Canon, they're Biblicaly inspired Fiction no more useful for learning the truth behind the characters they depict then Cecil B DeMille.

Jasher is the one most popularly cited as a Book endorsed by The Bible.  If an ancient Book of Jasher did exist it's not any of the books around today claiming to be Jasher, they are known medieval forgeries.

As far as Jude supposedly quoting the Book of Enoch.  He says he's quoting Enoch himself not a book.  If you look in the Book of Enoch for that quote, it's the entire Chapter, a 1 or 2 verse chapter, with no discernible connection to what came before or after.  I think Jude was referencing an independently known (or directly divinely revealed to him) quote of Enoch that got incorporated into the book of Enoch as it was transcribed over time.

His Nimrod theory takes on many common errors I've addressed elsewhere.  And Nimrod can't be one of the 7 heads.

He speaks against Pagan Christianity when it comes to subjects like holidays like Easter and Christmas.  But there is more then one kind of Pagan Christianity, another kind I feel he very much falls into, and it's one I am fully self aware I myself skirt the edges of with my interests.  Where you sort of incorporate all Pagan myths onto your worldview but just reinterpreting them to make the Pagan Heroes the villains.

I want to address his Nephilim theory.  He believes there was no additional post-flood incursion of Angel-Human interbreeding, and that the post-flood fallen Nephilim were Human-Animal cross breeding.  And he builds that argument entirely on apocryphal references.

He asks supporters of additional Angel incursions to provide a second reference besides the "after that" of Genesis 6 which he has his own interpretation of.  My second reference would be Jude 6-7.
"And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.  Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire."
People refuse to see this as a second reference to that since they are so obsessed with making Sodom and Gomorrah entirely about Homosexuality, a purely modern view of that story.  And so Chuck Missler claims the only thing the comparison to Genesis 6 here proves is a sexual nature to what happened.

The word translated "strange" in "Strange flesh" in the KJV is, ironically enough, Heteros.  It means different, and some people have felt justified in translating that "Alien Flesh".  What it's pointing out is how the flesh these people sexually desired was different from themselves, not the same.  2 Peter 2 also connects these two events.  And Nephilim theorists love "as the days of Noah were" it's not really proper to use that in that way, but my point here is that same passage makes comparison to Lot as well as Noah.

In Genesis 18-19 the word translated "men" when referring to the men of Sodom is Enosh.  Enosh is not actually a gender specific word, Moses would have used Zakar or Ish if he meant that.  It most literally means "mortal", but I think it became a term for human being in the post flood world because of descent from Enosh son of Shem.

"the men of the city, even the men of Sodom, compassed the house round, both old and young, all the people from every quarter".

I think it's textually justifiable to say that it may have been only the Women having the sex.  At any rate point is I don't think these two were the first Angels they saw.

The Testament of Naphtali refers of the Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs 3.3.4-5 refers explicitly to the Women of Sodom having Sex with Angels, with terminology that is similar to Romans 1 interestingly.  Since Rob is ok with accepting Apocrypha.

That all the post-flood "Giants" we encounter go back to Genesis 10 names (all ones from Ham) he thinks somehow contradicts Angel interbreeding.  No, Angel-Human hybrids would descend from Genesis 10 names too.  That's why they are hybrids.  Yes tribal identity was usually determined pater-lineally, but in the case of bastards who's father was unknown they were counted as part of their mother's tribe.

I also have my Argument that Nephilim refers to the Angels themselves, not the offspring.  That misunderstanding begins with the flawed Septuagint.  Nephilim means "Fallen Ones" derived form Naphal which is sued in Isaiah 14:12.  And so Numbers 13 informs us of their existence on Earth.

Also 1 Corinthians 11:10 implies Angels can still fall from lust for human women.

He questions why in more time things haven't gotten as bad as before The Flood yet if the same Nephilim activity is going on.  I don't think there have been as many after The FLood, base don how I connect the references in 2 Peter and Jude with Revelation 9 I believe Two Hundred Million fell in Genesis 6.  I think that was most angels who will wind up falling.  But certainly new ones have fallen since.

Also Rob Skiba identifies a father for Anak, that is not Biblical.  My personal hypothesis is Anak is the name of a Fallen Angel.  Update: Arba is named as the father of Anak in Joshua, but there is still nothing to connect him to a specific Canaanite tribe.

He talks about the ramifications for the two views on eligibility for Salvation.  First off I don't see how you can argue not having Adam's Y Chormozone makes you ineligible when usually Women don't a Y chromosome at all.

I do not believe there is anyone with Nephilim ancestry among the population of the Human Race today.  I'm not David Icke, the Royals are not Reptilians.  The post Flood ones for awhile dwelt in the land God promised to Abraham, for a reason I think.  But by the time David finished his conquests all such individuals were gone.  The Aliens operating today I think do so inter-dimensionaly.

He wants to see people with Nephilim ancestry as potentially Saveable.  And I don't want to put anyone descended from Adam or Eve beyond the Power of the Blood of Jesus either.  But one has to address the issue of Isaiah 26, where it says the Raphaim (descended in the KJV) shall not rise.  We know from Daniel 12 and Revelation 20 the unsaved will be resurrected too.

Note: I do believe it would be horribly abusive to the text to apply Isaiah 26's comment to purely human clones if any are ever made.

It's a touchy subject, in my opinion what kind of Hybrid they are, or if the corrupted line in pater-lineal or mater-lineal is irrelevant to that issue.  Paul's talk of Jesus as the last Adam was not about the Y chromozone.

But either way on the Y chromozone thing, I believe for the reasons William Shcnoebelen does that the Angels gained the ability to do this by drinking Human Blood, so Adam Y chromozone could still be involved.


I have revised my Nephilim view here.

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  1. "People refuse to see this as a second reference to that since they are so obsessed with making Sodom and Gomorrah entirely about Homosexuality,"

    EXACTLY!!!!!!! You got it man (at least thats my thought as well - that these mortals were obsessed with having sex with angelic begins)

    God bless