Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Lunar Eclipse Tetrad of 2032-33

Why doesn't Mark Blitz take an interest in this?  All 4 of these are Total.  And for that Tetrad 2 will be visible in the middle East (the second and third) not just the last one like the current Tetrad.

I still consider the Blood Moon Theory bunk altogether.

The Sun being Darkened and the Moon turning Red at the same time means it's a lot more then just a Lunar Eclipse.  Lunar Eclipses do not always make the Moon look Red.  And it's been Documented that Volcanic Eruptions can cause the Sun to Darken and Moon to turn Red.  Also passages that are NOT Blood Moons but the Sun and Moon both being Darkened (like the Olivite Discourse), refer to Solar Eclipses if anything Astronomical.

The October 2032 Lunar Eclipse will be more visible in Israel then any of the 2014-15 ones.

The Reason Bltiz doesn't care about this Tetrad is only the 33 Blood Moons fall in Nisan and Tishrei on the current Hebrew Calendar.  In 32 they're a month latter.  But first many people theorize that in certain years the current Jewish Calendar is a month off (The Samaritans often observe the major Holy Days a month latter).  Second however is the dates those Lunar Eclipses fall on are Biblically significant.

The April 2032 Blood Moon is on Second Passover.  A date I've argued elsewhere may have more Prophetic significance then people realize.

The October 2032 Lunar Eclipse is on the eve of The Feast of Jeroboam.

What is interesting to me is, while I don't engage in dogmatic date setting, I've become attracted to theorizing the 70th Week of Daniel may be from 2030-237 AD.  And I am against the usual absolutely all Date Setting is wrong attitude of Pre-Trib and Pre-Wrathers, they misuse what Jesus said without the Context of Revelation 1.

First, since I date the Crucifixion to 30 AD that would make the Gap between the 69th and 70th Weeks exactly 2000 years.  Fitting the two day thing from Hosea.

I also observed how possibly the events of 30-37 AD could be viewed as a type of the End Times 70th week.  (And as part of that I mentioned the Blood Moon Tetrad Blitz points to in 32-33 AD. but I wasn't of aware of this Tetrad back then).

Also a Total Solar Eclipse happens on the Feast of Trumpets in September 2033.  There are reasons considering the Seventh Trumpet and Revelation 12 I've come to conclude that it's highly probable The Rapture will likely correspond to a Total Solar Eclipse on the First of Tishrei.

That year is also a rare year that the Sunset of the Feast of Trumpets falls on the Fall Equinox.  That correlation is significant because I believe when God originally created everything the Lunar and Solar cycles were in-synch, and the Fall Equinox always fell on the 1st of Tishrei.  And Nisan 1 on the Spring Equinox.

Also a little before that Eclipse, Venus has a near conjunction with Regulus, and Mercury with Spica.  Those may not mean anything, but I make note of them.

So I'm not saying any of this will matter.  But it's interesting to look at, as it fits my Mid-Seventieth Week view.

Update: I'm now leaning towards a different theory.

Further Update: I would not use the Karaites not Samaritans to suggest the Rabbinic calendar is sometimes wrong.  And i gave this model new thought here.

October 2015 Update:  I've made some new observation useful to this theory here.


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    1. tell me why revelation 12 and trumpet 7 relates to the 2033 solar eclipse

    2. I don't actually seriously think it does, I just wanted to do some fun speculation here. I now have better reason for thinking this model for the 7 years could be correct.

  2. End Time is planned on 2033,confirmed on the US great seal,US flag,US 1 dollar bill,US Skyscrapers calendar.Plus in DC streets layout( equinoxes-solstices),,confirmed by the Protestant bibles,its number of chapters for arc minutes= Vernal equinox,plus Winter solstice.