Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I have two conflicting Antichrist views I'm leaning towards now

I still like the one that had been a central developing theme of this blog for most of it's history.  That I lay out in posts like this.  About a western leader who'll claim to be or be claimed to be Messiah Ben-Joseph, I've even argued that he could be American.  That it'll be us conservative Judeo-Christians he's chiefly trying to seduce, not The World.  But the main thing not compatible with the other view is that his Mortal Wounding/death will be at the start of the 70th week, in Nisan.

But I've developed more recently from my Daniel 7 study, a view that he could be a Seleucid Ruler, probably Epiphanes himself, who will ascend from the Bottomless Pit.  I even speculated at the end of my recent Daniel 11 study that he might have been sent there in 30 AD.  For fairly obvious reasons however that view can't have The Antichrist present at all when the 70th Week begins, the Fifth Trumpet is the soonest he can show up if he's anyone who's death already happened.

Aspects of both views can still certainly overlap.  If the first view is true I'm certain he'll have Seleucid descent through Charlemagne and that that'll be relevant.  I'm growing more and more interested in what I suggested in the American Anitchrist post about the Royal Family of modern Greece.  They are also Danish royalty and descend from the same clan of German Royal families as the Windsors and the rulers of the Netherlands, who had ties to 18th Century Freemasonry and The Illuminati.

The second theory could still have him going for the ideological viewpoint I suggested.  But what I would need to explain since I am firmly convinced of the 70th Week having a dual fulfillment now (and possibly all 70 Weeks, leading to a theory of when it could be) is who the Prince that will come and be cut off in the Nisan that starts the week could be if he's not the Antichrist.  Maybe still an Antichrist, my belief in there being Decoy Antichrists remains intact either way.

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