Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Beast and Babylon are enemies

This is the vitally important detail of Revelation that people overlook.

In Revelation 17 the Woman rides the Beast, she has power over it at first, but The Beast and his Horns inevitably attack and destroy her.

The geographical clues of Revelation 16 from the 6th and 7th Bowls tell me the Seat of The Beast is west of the Euphrates, while Babylon is clearly East of the Euphrates.

This is why Babylon can't be an allegory for anyplace west of the Euphrates.

But it's also proof the Antichrist can't be Alexander Hislop and Rob Skiba's fantasy version of Nimrod.  That Nimrod created Babylon, he would not destroy it.

In fact I think Christians need to be prepared for the possibility that The Antichrist could be someone spouting all of the same Anti-Babylon rhetoric that people in The Church love spouting.  Especially since I think The Antichrist could be an American riding the coat tails of the very dangerous Dominionist movement, and/or Mormonism.

The Kings of The East are allied with Babylon I believe, The Beast uses the demonic frogs to lure them and their armies to Armegeddon away from Babylon so he can do a sneak attack on it.

This conflict does not mean Babylon should suddenly be viewed as good.  But this is also interesting to remember in light of the fact that East of the Euphrates river is the first place we should look for the Lost Tribes.

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