Saturday, August 6, 2016

America and Egypt

I posted recently about reasons to potentially associate The Beast with Egypt.  But I've also discussed the possibility of an American Antichrist, (and tied that into Lost Tribes speculation and Mormon eschatology).  In this post I want to explain why those ideas need not be mutually exclusive.

My Egypt post was largely geographical, and was clear that the West/EU would be the source of his military strength.  Which means we could be dealing with a U.S. backed Egyptian leader, or a U.S.  military presence in Egypt.  But one could also go the other way, and since America is ethnically diverse suspect it'll be a U.S. President of Egyptian ancestry.  Or maybe a combination of those factors.

But let's talk about why it could make sense thematically.

The thing I find really funny about all these right wing Christians saying "America needs to support Israel to be right with God", is that in The Hebrew Bible God constantly condemned Israel for turning to Gentile Nations instead of Him, defining it as a lack of faith in Him.  That nation was most commonly Egypt, especially for the Southern Kingdom/Judah, though the Hasmoneans turned to Rome in First Maccabees Chapter 8.  Interestingly after Augustus conquered Egypt the Roman Caesars took over the Pharonic Worship in Egypt.

But for modern Israel it is the United States of American they keep turning to instead of God.  In that sense we are very much the modern Egypt.

As far as the desire to identify America with Manasseh (which I've considered) goes.  We should remember the mother of Manasseh and Ephraim was an Egyptian, Asenath, the daughter of the High Priest of On.

It's interesting then that our Great Seal is all Egyptian imagery with Latin writing, derived from Masonic Symbolism.  The Eagle was a Roman symbol, but Albert Pike wrote that in Masonic Imagery sometimes an Eagle really represents the Egyptian Bennu bird, called the Phoenix in Greco-Roman writings.

The Washington Monument is also molded after an Egyptian Obelisk.  But there was also a lot of Roman architectural influences in Washington DC.

Freemasonry uses a lot of Egyptian symbolism in general.  But some forms of it are particularly Egyptian.  One was the Order of Memphis-Misriam founded by Cagliostro in 1776, the same year on the base of the Pyramid due to being when the Declaration of Independence was signed.

America like Ancient Egypt has been divided between North and South.  And has a Capital at the border of that division but also the midst of the original 13 Colonies.  And America like Ancient Egypt enslaved many Black Africans.

So the relationship between America and Egypt is something to keep an eye on.

Update September 2017:  I've pretty retracted this assessment with my England and Egypt study.   Though what I've talked about here can help back that up given how much American's History is tied to England's.

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