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The shape of The Tabernacle, YHWH-Shammah and New Jerusalem is a website arguing that The Tabernacle was not shaped how we usually assume it was, but was rather a Dome.  I've also listened to the author of the site interviewed by Rob Skiba.  I've become pretty convinced of the theory, (but people like Skiba want to make it also an argument for their Flat Earth Model, which I do not agree with).

They haven't done much yet in terms of trying to see if this means The Temples of Solomon or Zerubabel were also a Dome rather then the shape we usually assume.  But I have an observation to make.

The Popularity of Domes in the design of Islamic Mosques actually comes from them later taking over and copying Byzantine/Eastern Roman Churches that were centered around Domes.  And this being a fixture of Byzantine architecture primarily goes back to the building projects of Emperor Jusitnian.

The Nea Ekklesia of the Theotokos was one of Jusitnian's major projects.  It was built in Jerusalem.  Procopius’s account of Justinian's building projects deliberately makes the account of this Church echo the Biblical Account of the construction of Solomon's Temple.  And it was a Church dedicated to Mary, who Catholic and Orthodox theology often viewed The Ark, Tabernacle and Temple to be types of.  

So is it possible that that church had a Dome because of a deliberate attempt to model it after Solomon's Temple?  And that influenced other Byzantine architecture?  And is indirectly the reason we have Domes on The Temple Mount today?

I've made much on my Blog before about how Yahuah-Shammah of Ezekiel 48 and New Jerusalem of Revelation 21-22 have the same shape.  And back then went along with the usual assumption it was a Cube.   But the thing, is others talking about their shape being a Cube are also assuming that was the shape of The Holy of Holies.

Many people including Rob Skiba and Chuck Missler (last I checked) seem to think the description of these two cities (which I view as the same) can only be either a Cube or a Pyramid.  Basically something Squared at the bottom.  But I think that is a flawed assumption.  It's based on referring to there being three gates on each side.  

But a Circle with 12 evenly distributed gates could also be described that way.  Just use what a clock looks like as your frame of reference, the 3 is the central eastern gate, the 6 the central southern gate, the 9 the central western gate, and the 12 the central northern gate.

And if you believe in Gospel in The Stars/Mazzaroth theories, the 12 signs of the Zodiac form a circle.  Often also believed to correlate to the Israelites encampment around The Tabernacle in the Book of Numbers.

The last verse of the Book of Ezekiel says in the KJV "It was round about eighteen 6240 thousand measures: and the name of the city from that day shall be, The LORD is there".   Well the reason the word "round" is there is because the Hebrew word Cabyib (Strong Number 5439) is used.  That word is often translated things like Circuit and Compass.  It is inherently terminology of a round shape.

Revelation 21 uses the term "foursquared" which in the Greek is related to the terminology that refers to Four Corners.  You might think that rules out a Circular shape, but not really.  Remember these Flat Earthers think The Bible is describing a Flat Circle shaped Earth as having Four Corners.  The gist of the description is that it's the same size in all three directions.  And that can fit a Dome as well as it can a Cube or Pyramid.  In fact it can fit a Dome best, as it would be the same distance from the central grounded spot it's built around in every possible direction.

Here is a site arguing New Jerusalem is shaped like a Mountain

I've heard of an interesting book that deals with Geometry and New Jerusalem that may be useful to this topic.   The Dimensions of Paradise: Sacred Geometry, Ancient Science, and the Heavenly Order on Earth by John Mitchell.

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