Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mid-Trib and Pre-Wrath

This post won't be an in depth study.  I've already explained all the core reasons I'm Mid-Trib, and not any other Position.  And even touched a little on Futurism over Preterism, and Premillennial over Amillennial.

So future posts I make on The Rapture will mostly be minor anecdotes, responses to recent things said by people, which will direct reading to earlier for more details.  My future in depth studied posted here will be on other Eschatological issues, which may or may not also touch on The Rapture.

What I want to say briefly today is about Mid-Trib and Pre-Wrath.  To me the terms should be synonymous, because to me Wrath is the Second half of the 70th Week.  And the Seven Bowls of God's Wrath.  Nothing more or less.

But instead the Pre-Wrath position defines itself as being predicated on a garbling of the chronology of Revelation.  My Sixth Seal post primarily dismantles their logic, the foundation of which is a flawed understanding of how the Sixth Seal relates to Matthew 24.  And my Seventh Trumpet study and the very first post I made here shows how Revelation 9 renders the Pre-Wrath position impossible.

In a certain sense though Pre-Wrathers remains the most similar to me.  They don't deny the Uniqueness of The Church like Post-Trib does.  But don't insist we'll never see The Antichrist like Pre-Trib does.  Since fellow Mid-Trib teachers are rare now, I spend a lot of time listening to Pre-Wrath teachers like Chris White.

That's all I felt like saying today.  If you haven't read my earlier studies yet please do so.  And don't be afraid to point out to me any grammatical mistakes so I correct them.  And feel free to leave comments disagreeing with me, I want an open robust debate.

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