Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Jesus was the 70th Generation from Enoch

I've expressed my opposition to the Book of Enoch.  There is however one thing about it I find interesting that I felt I should talk about here.

The Book Enoch has a prophetic reference to 70 generations from the time of Enoch.  Rob Skiba seems to have done math that he feels justifies saying our time, or the time the modern UFO craze started was about 70 generations from the time of Enoch.  However he should study the Genealogy of Jesus in Luke 3, it makes Jesus the 77th from Adam, and thus the 70th from Enoch because as Jude reminds us Enoch is the 7th from Adam.

What the book claims will happen 70 generations from Enoch is that the Fallen Angels sealed in the Abyss/Tartaros will begin to be let loose.

I find it interesting how Demonic Possessions are not nearly as big of an issue in the Old Testament, in fact the few times something like it comes up it's defined as being an Evil Spirit from YHWH, like with Saul.

But in The New Testament we have an epidemic of Demonic activity going on.

Romans 10:7 says the Abyss (Deep in the KJV) is one of the places Jesus went when he was in the Earth between his Death and Resurrection.  We know he went to Sheol to awaken the Old Testament Saints, but I suspect that was all handled on the 15th of Nisan.  The only reason I can think of for him to then go to the Abyss would be to reseal it, thus it is now firmly sealed up again until Revelation 9.  But plenty of the Demons that got out before are still roaming around.

I used to be adamant that Demons weren't Fallen Angels but were the spirits of Angel-Human hybrids who died in The Flood.  But I'm not as convinced on that anymore.  Yes we know Good Angels have physical forms and don't need to posses people.  But Jude says those that sinned in Genesis 6 lost their Oketerion.

But I'm not intrigued by this enough to endorse the Book of Enoch which has endless problems.  It could be this 70 Generations from Enoch correlation is further evidence that Enoch as we know it has been altered by Christian copiers.

Update: Upon further reading the passage of Enoch in question, in Chapter 10, verses 11 through 15.  It's language does pretend to be about the End Times, and it confuses the Abyss with the Lake of Fire.  Just further proving Enoch is not a Biblically accurate text.

Likewise Enoch doesn't describe them as being in the Abyss currently (at the time it was written) but that they wouldn't be sent there till after the 70 Generations.

So this post was a pointless diversion.

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