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The Month of Iyar and Second Passover

Zif is the month Solomon began building The Temple according to 1 Kings 6 and II Chronicles 3.  Zif being the Month now known as Iyar.

The Ascension which was 40 days after the Resurrection was in Iyar, most likely the 27th or 28th.

Pesach Sheini (Second Passover) on the 14th of Iyar, the month following Passover, I find interesting. It's there to allow a second chance at Passover if for some reason you couldn't observe it when it actually happened (as explained in Numbers 9:6-12).  It's the only major Feast day for which this second chance is allotted in The Torah, it is also thematically affiliated with second chances.

At least twice in the History of Ancient Israel, the entire nation collectively had to use it. During the reigns of Hezekiah and Josiah. It was during this special Passover of Josiah that many survivors of the Northern Kingdom returned South, the narrative specifically singles out many of Asher being among those. I think the Ancestors of Anna The Prophetess of Luke 2 are among those.

In Ezra 3:8-9 the Second Month is linked to Zerubbabel and Jeshua beginning their work.  They are considered types of the Two Witnesses because of Zachariah 4.

You should Study Stephen's sermon in Acts 7 remembering that he didn't get to finish.  What he'd repeatably demonstrated was that Israel constantly failed to obey God the first time but got it right the second time. It's pretty clear his intended climax was going to be that they would accept Jesus as their Messiah when he came the second time. Romans 11 makes it clear Israel's current spiritual blindness isn't permanent, Hosea 5:15 I believe makes Israel's salvation the trigger of the Second Coming. Luke 13 also backs this up.

 So, I think Second Passover is linked to this point of Stephen's sermon. Now I'd already come to this hypothesis before I looked up the History and noticed that ALL the major national Holidays of modern Israel are in the month of Iyar, the same month as the 2nd Passover. The 5th of Iyar is their Independence day (The previous day being their Veteran's memorial day). The Battle at Degania was the 11th. The surrender of Nazi Germany, Suicide of Adolf Hitler, and the Liberation of various Concentration Camps where all in this month. But best of all of the Unification of Jerusalem during the Six Day War is the 28th.

Everything above I'd originally said in different places a long time ago.  Recently I've come to strongly suspect the Two Witnesses may begin their ministry in Iyar.

That Solomon began building his Temple in Iyar, could also be reason to suspect Ezekiel's Temple will be built in Iyar.

It is the proper Biblical Rekconing of Iyar not the Rabbinic one we should pay attention to however.

There could be a dark-side to Iyar's significance as well (maybe already has if you're someone critical of the modern state of Israel).  Iyar could also be when construction of The Temple the Antichrist will desecrate begins construction.  Solomon can in some ways be a type of the Antichrist as much as Jesus.  And if something is being done specifically to device mainstream modern Judaism, the Rabbinic calendar would likely be used.  The Rabbinic Jewish festival of Lag B'Omer falls on the 18th of Iyar, the 33rd day of the Omer (as the Rabbis incorrectly reckon it).

Romans 8 tells us all things work together for good.  So bad things happening at this time could be linked to good happening.

Occult Holidays like Walpurgisnacht and Beltaine frequently fall during Iyar.  As does the secular May Day.  I mentioned the day Hitler died above, Hitler killed himself on May 1st because it (and May 5th somewhat less well known) are occult holidays.  I believe I'd checked once before and May 1st 1776 on which the Bavarian Illuminati was founded also fell in Iyar.

I've also already mentioned on this Blog how May 6th was originally Apollo's birthday in Ancient Greece (and May 7th Artemis) it was Augustus who made his Birthday September 23rd the day to celebrate Apollo.  And Apollyon is a name for Apollo.

I oppose the Blood Moon theory for a few reasons.  One being that I think The Bible avoids referencing Full Moons directly because Full Moons are important to the occult.  So the occultists could find it significant when a Lunar Eclipse is the Full Moon closest to Belltaine.  Which interestingly happens in 2032-2033.

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