Saturday, February 20, 2016

Possible Davidic Descent of British Royalty

The main Tea Telphi legend used by British Israelism is most likely not true.  And the means suggested by Britam doesn't hold up under scrutiny either.

But, I read something interesting on a certain Genealogy website.

Pagano Ebriaci

Pagano Ebriaci (?-c1091), of Pisa, ancestor of the Christian Ebriaci family, might have been a convert from Judaism, a son of Joseph of Fustat. The relationship is conjectural, and seems to have originated in the suggestion that the surname Ebriaci means "the Hebrew". Another theory is that the name Ebriaci might derive from a Latin word meaning drunk.
If Pagano Ebriaci was a son of Joseph of Fustat, then he was a grandson of Hezekiah IV, 38th Exilarch and a descendant of King David.
Pagano Ebriaci was an ancestor of Edmund FitzAlan, 9th Earl of Arundel, through Manfredo III, marchese di Saluzzo."

EdmundFitzAlan is through his son Richard an ancestor of Henry V of England as well as Elizabeth of York, Queen-Consort of Henry VII and thus ancestor of James VI of Scotland and I of England and thus all modern British and Netherlands Royalty. Also through his Granddaughter Alice Holland, Countess of Kent he is an ancestor of Henry VII himself through his mother.

Richard FitzAlan also has more then one connection to the Dukes of Norfolk, making him an ancestor of both the current Norfolk Family and Anne & Mary Boleyn.

Elizabeth of York I have shown in an earlier post to have possible Bagartid Ancestry.

On my Conspiracy blog I have a post on The Bolyen family including Mary Bolyen's descendants.

Christians have long suspected The Antichrist could claim Davidic descent.  I think it's not impossible he could legitimately have Davidic Descent.  Two of David's direct sons were arguably types of The Antichrist, Absalom and Adonijah (one of those is more sympathetic then the other).  And even Solomon himself after he back slid is directly connected to the number 666.  And we could also look at some of the worst Kings of Judah, especially Manasseh who we're told placed Idols in the Holy Place.

There is a tradition in the Talmud that says the Messiah would be Maternally of Dan and Paternally of David.  The reverse of Samson.  Since the Anglo-Saxons and Normans both likely descend from Dan.  And the current Queen and her Husband both descend from Danish Royalty.  It looks like such a mingling is taking place.

Update 5/14/2017: I now have this sort of follow up post.


  1. Interesting post - do you know about the Jewish exilarchs - they were apparently a group of Jews who lived in south France - I think maybe Charlemagne gave them asylum and there was some speculation that his mother I think was Jewish.

    As for the Antichrist, I'm currently reading Robert Hugh Benson's "Lord of the World" written in 1907 imagining an Antichrist in the 21st century. Interesting stuff.

    1. That's the Britam claim I alluded to, I don't consider it credible.

      I has looking a recently an 1866 book by someone who thought Napoleon III was the Antichrist.

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    1. I note that the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy at in newsletter, vol. 1, issue 2, presents an interesting article by Lindsay L. Brook entitled "The Ebriaci of Pisa, Jewish ancestors of the Plantagents?"

      The ancestor of the pisan Pagano Ebriaci was a very famous etruscan/roman family from Pisa named Venulei, one of the first aristocratic roman pagan family converted to the judeo-cristian, who have a branch of the broom "genet plant" as seal and were Magister of the pagan Fratres Arvales before convertion.

      Lucius Venuleius Apronianus Octavius Priscus Senator, after a praetorship he took on command of the Legio I Italica, engaged in Nablus (later Iamnia, later Ibelin, today Yavne) to quell the revolt of the Jews, called Bar Kokhba in 132-135 AD.

      The Venuleii family from Pisa is well known in academic studies throughout the Mediterranean area (from Spain to the Middle East) for their bricks (fistula acquaria) commerce: members of the family, patrons of the colony of Pisa, were consuls twice of the Western Roman Empire, governor of Caledonia (Britain), pro-consul in Constantinople and commander of the First Legion “Italica”, who built a part of Hadrian's Wall around 135 AD and was stationed on the border of the Danube until the end of the Western Roman Empire.
      [from Elvers, Karl-Ludwig (Bochum). "Venuleius." Brill’s New Pauly. Antiquity volumes edited by: Hubert Cancik and , Helmuth Schneider. Brill Online, 2014]

      There is a tradition which links the etruscan Venulei to the Dan (SharDanA) dinasty with Mi Beth EL, arrived in Pisa after 70 aC when the Gerusalem temple was destroyed by Tito.

      Mi Beth EL was rappresented in Pisa by Da Pisa family who moved to Venice (Pisani dal Banco) and later to Germany (Warburg).