Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Time of Jacob's Trouble

I've been intrigued by Rob Skiba's argument for a 20 year time of Jacob's Trouble (a term from Jeremiah 30:7) since I first heard it last September.  And I've done some searching and found others have made similar arguments before.

In-spite of what this blog's URL still is I no longer believe the 70th Week of Daniel is Eschatological, at least not solely.  I definitely view it as fulfilled by the 7 years following Christ's Crucifixion and ending with the Death of Tiberius (but you'll never convince me of a three and a half year ministry).  If a second fulfillment is possible will depend on other factors.

But my Chronological view of Revelation has convinced me it depicts a 7 year period regardless of if any other 7 year periods from elsewhere in Scripture are relevant or not.  The first half is Revelation 11 and the Second half 12-19.

Because I do not view the Millennium as a Utopia, I'm willing to consider the 20 years as overlapping into it.  But I am alternatively willing to consider that maybe the Time of Jacob's Trouble ends with The Rapture (which definitely ends the Great Tribulation that began when Stephen was Stoned) which I place at the Midway Point of Revelation's 7 years.

Thing is the time period of Jacob's servitude to Laban is divided into sub periods, if we're considering that a type picture of the End Times we likewise have to break it down.

The statement that is was 20 years comes from Genesis 31:41.
"Thus have I been twenty years in thy house; I served thee fourteen years for thy two daughters, and six years for thy cattle: and thou hast changed my wages ten times."
 But Genesis 29:18-29 describes this as three periods of seven years.

The seven years statement for the third period is given when that period started, it is seemingly during this time most of Jacob's children are born.  I have seen some timelines attempt to interpret Joseph as being convinced right when Jacob married Rachel, I don't get that, that ignores the entire point of her being seemingly barren.

It is right after Joseph was born in chapter 30 that Jacob decided to leave, that the time allotted was cut short.  I think this may have been during the 7th/21st year, and when he said twenty years including 6 for the cattle he was only counting the years he completed.

I've argued on this blog that the Resurrection and Rapture in Revelation 12 is symbolized by the Birth and Rapture of the Man-Child.  Joseph is a type of Christ often, but he can also be a type of The Church, especially if you think Ephraim's blessing in Genesis 48 has something to do with the Fullness of The Gentiles in Romans 11.

What I find interesting is that during the time Leah and the handmaidens are giving birth Rachel is described as envying Leah.  In-spite of what you might expect, we're never told Leah was envious of Rachel.

In Romans 9-11 Paul says part of the purpose of Gentiles coming in is to provoke Israel to jealously.  Now again I'm not a traditional Dispensationalist, The Church is part of Israel but not synonymous with Israel.

So I'm thinking now that maybe the Time of Jacob's Trouble is 20 and a half years that ends with the Rapture.  And begins 15 years before the final Week begins.

I have a hunch that what would mark the beginning of the 6 years is The Third Temple being completed and/or dedicated.

It took Solomon 7 years to build The Temple.  Now it's popular for Prophecy teachers to say today it could be built much faster.  But if the people building it are trying to do everything Levitically, plus considering political hurdles.  I could easily see it taking a full 7 years even today.

Now what would define the first 7 years?  I don't know.  If the theory for when The Rapture might happen I've mentioned on this blog most recently is true, we entered that period in 2013.  Spring of 2013 is when Francis became the Pope, but besides that I see nothing significant.

I have contemplated in my head in the last couple days a possible theory involving the Jubilee cycles.  I'm still working that out however, but it would probably be a later date then the 2030-37 model.

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