Sunday, October 12, 2014

Cosmic and Terrestrial Signs

This may well be one of this blogs most rehashed subjects, since Pre-Wrath is the Rapture view I kind of feel most compelled to refute (Pre-Trib and Post-Tribs problems are well known).  And this issue is the foundation of the Pre-Wrath argument.  While I've addressed it before it's always while dealing with other things too.  So here I shall lay things out.

Matthew 24:27-24 refers to the following Cosmic and Terrestrial Signs.

1. Lightning
2. Earthquake
3. Sun being darkened
4. Moon does not giver her light
5. Stars falling from Heaven to the Earth

3 and 4 should perhaps be grouped together as the same sign.  But why I need to separate them here will become apparent.

Pre-Wrathers correctly say 2, 3, 5 correspond to the 6th Seal events in Revelation 6.  But they ignore 1.

They insist 4 is the same as the Moon being like Blood.  It's funny because Pre-Wrathers are often the most hostile to the Blood Moon hype prompted by Mark Blitz, pointing out the very solid reasons Blood Moon references can't be referring to Lunar eclipses.  Yet will at the same time use the science behind Lunar eclipses to suggest the Moon being darkened and looking Blood Red can be the same thing.

What is said in Matthew 24:29 is the moon gives no light.  Color=Light, that's how it works.  If anything I feel like what Jesus is describing (if it should be tied to any possible natural astronomical phenomenon at all), is a Total Solar Eclipse.  The Sun is Darkened from the Earth's view because it's Blocked by the Moon, and the Moon receives no Sunlight to reflect.

While I agree a Lunar Eclipse does not explain the 6th Seal/Joel/Acts 2 lunar event.  I do feel it will likely happen during a Full Moon, that would make the reddening effect most dramatic.  That I have other independent reasons for seeing this as happening on Passover is convenient.

It is known that Volcanic Eruptions sometimes cause the Moon to look Red also.  Which verifies the Joel/Acts connection, because other Joel terminology is also seen as alluding to volcanoes.

The 7th Seal in Revelation 11 includes lightning, thunder, hail and an earthquake in the very last verse.

The Chapter Divisions and even Verse divisions are NOT in the original text.  Revelation 12 begins with the word "and" Kai (kahee);  Conjunction, Strong #: 2532.  Which is translated and, also, even, indeed, likewise and so on.  It clearly means continuing from the prior events, or simultaneous with them.  The Revelation 12 events are clearly continuing the 7th Trumpet account, which is part of my argument against the way Post-Trib garbles the Chronology of Revelation.

12:4 describes stars falling to The Earth.  That is officially 3 out of 5, just as many as Pre-Wrathers can legitimately get for the 6th Seal.  Also the early part of Revelation 12 is the one place the word Harpazo is used in Revelation.

The Sun and Moon being Darkened could have in mind the 4th or 5th Trumpet events.  Or it could be the Darkening of the Sun and Moon is implied simply by events happening in Virgo being visible in the Heavens at a time when the Sun is in Virgo, which usually can't happen.

Meanwhile Jesus in Matthew 24:29-31 does NOT refer to a Seal of a Scroll being Opened.  But he does refer to a Trumpet being sounded.  Which unlike these Cosmic and Terrestrial Signs is in both of Paul's main Rapture Passages.  And Possibly a 3rd in Hebrews.

Joel 2 begins with the 6th Trumpet, then describes the Sun and Moon being Darkened.  Then describes a Trumpet being sounded and The Rapture in verses 15-16.

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