Sunday, October 5, 2014

The theory that the NWO will Stage a Fake Rapture?

There is some talk in Conspiracy theorist circles that the Elite could use top secret Technology, like Neutron Bomb technology, to make a fake Rapture happen, basically kill a bunch a Christian in a way that makes it look like they all disappeared.    The technology certainly does exist, there are weapons being developed that could vaporize flesh but leaves the cloths behind.

I'm not predicting this will happen.  I see no Bible Prophecy that says to expect it to happen.  And even though the NWO could do it I don't see why it would suite them to do so, seemingly proving a popular conservative Christian doctrine right in no way fits their agenda.  So I currently consider it unlikely.

But what I will say is IF something happens that looks like the Pre-Trib Secret Rapture idea, (just a bunch of people disappearing,) that will be a fake Rapture.  The Biblical evidence against that being what The Rapture will look like would not be refuted by something happening that does look like that.

I'll certainly know it wasn't the real Rapture if it happens and I'm not apart of it.

Also if the Temple in Jerusalem isn't standing yet, or it has been for less then three and a half years.

Mostly if the Abomination of Desolation hasn't happened yet, or at least The Antichrist's public false resurrection.  II Thessalonians 2 makes clear that can't be The Rapture.

But again I'm not saying to expect this to happen.

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