Friday, October 3, 2014

Is there a connection between Yom Kippur and Cain&Able?

Read Genesis 4 and Leviticus 16 back to back and judge for yourselves.

Mainly what I'm thinking of is a possible correlation between the two Brothers and the two Goats.

Able is the one who is offered, who's Blood is shed.  Indeed this story is the first occurrence of the word Blood in The Bible.  And that detial is largely why Abel is considered a type of Christ.

And Cain is the Scapegoat, who is protected from being killed and sent to wonder in the Wilderness of Nod.

I've thought of this for awhile, lately I've been contemplating in general the idea of the Leviticus 23 feasts being in commemoration of events in Genesis.  Thinking maybe Passover being the first feast codified was the last one which event it commemorates took place.  And also that maybe Unleavened Bread or Passover was was the day Abraham offered Issac.  Or that Unleavened Bread could have it's origin in Melchizedek and his bread and Wine meal in Genesis 14.

I've come to speculate that the 7 days of Creation might be the 7 days of Tabernacles, not the beginning of Tishri.  And the 8th day as the Fall.  I've already mentioned how Noah's Ark coming to rest on the 17th of Nisan has a possible correlation to First Fruits, which was fulfilled in The Resurrection of Jesus.  And the first of Tishrei comes up in the Flood narrative too.

This is something I'll continue investigating.  I will be posting studies in the coming days/weeks on both Tabernacles and the Feast of Jeroboam.

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