Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My future plans for this blog

I know I said this early once early on, but I I've done all the key Bible studies I want to do.  I"m going to try to start simply doing more responding to current new in Bible Prophecy circles.  But I may post some more future studies.

On my other main Bible interpretation Blog, the posts that have become the most popular/frequently viewed posts are pretty reflective of what I intended the over all flavor of that blog to be.  But here somehow my most polar post is one that wasn't really about Prophecy.  I did promote it rather aggressively at Christmas time, and may again next December.  But it's pretty not my main goal here.

Of the posts currently listed at the side as the post popular, the 1290 days one is the one I most want to get the message out about.  I feel the misconception I clear up there could be the key to answering many mysteries.  But the Dome of the Rock one is also key.

The posts linked to on the Imminence Trilogy Page are important (one of those is up there, I had forgotten), as are others where I lay out the key reasons I'm "Mid-Trib" which you see linked to on the Midway Point page.  The only two posts on the 30 AD Label are also pretty definitive, I think we need to understand the first 69 weeks in order to decipher the 70th.

Of all my Antichrist related posts, the starting point I've decided should be Messiah The Prince of Daniel 9.

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