Sunday, February 1, 2015

Responding to another Chris White Podcast

Skip to between 12 to 13 minutes in.

He finally did something on Beheadings, but he did so in a way that presumes Pre-Wrath, I do not concede that Revelation 9 is after the Rapture, to me Revelation 9 is when the Restrainer is removed.

I no longer am an Islamic Antichrist proponent, but again White responds to that view with flawed arguments.

The Abominations of Desolation has nothing to do with the back-story of the Antichrist.  It's a more important issue then his Backstory, we won't know who he is until he does that.  But the point is when he does that the Pretext of whatever deception he used before is over.  At that point it become open Satanism (true Satanism, not like any religion currently calling itself that) no matter which false religious ideas he used before.  I do not believe the Antichrist will deify himself during the first half of or before the 70th week, at least not openly.

Deifying major leaders is part of out fallen human nature, and Muslims have effectively defied Mohammed regardless of their pretext of Monotheism.

He makes a blatant error saying the 70th Week begins with the Antichrist allowing daily Sacrifice, that isn't said in Daniel 9 at all.  I address popular assumptions about the Daily Sacrifice here.  My view is not compatible with the Islamic Antichrist view either.

And again, the impossibility of something happening isn't a argument.

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