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Satan's fall and the War in Heaven is a Future event not a past one

It's amazing to me how many Un-Biblical ideas are casually believed even by many Fundamentalist Christians simply because Society has conditioned us to believe it.

The idea of a War in Heaven sometime before Adam's fall is a Gap Theory connected false Doctrine mainly popularized by secular western fiction.

When I say it's a Pagan idea it's because various Pagan mythologies have myths of various wars between the gods (Sometimes newer gods overthrowing older ones) or of a god being cast out. Greek mythology as the Titanarchy, the Gigantarchy, Cronos overthrowing Ophion, the brief usurpation of Typhon, and the casting out of HÄ“phaistos. Egyptian mythology has Amon's war with Apep and Set overthrowing Osiris to later be overthrown by Horus. Norse mythology has the war of the Vanir and the Aseir.  Japanese mythology has Susanoo being cast out of Heaven and then the war between the Heavenly Kami and the Earthly Kami.  And so on.  And for the Pagan Canaanites just look at the Baal Cycle.

But it's insertion into Judeo-Christian tradition somewhat begins with Jewish Rabbis attempting to incorporate the Mesopotamian Combat Myth of Marduk killing Tiamat before Creation into the Genesis narrative.

"In the days before Creation, Rahab, Prince of the Sea, rebelled against God. When commanded: 'Open your mouth, Prince of the Sea, and swallow all of the world's waters,' he cried: 'Lord of the Universe, leave me in peace!' Whereupon God kicked him to death and sank his carcase below the waves, since no land beast could endure its stench." (Bavli Baba Bathra 74b; Numeri Rabba 18:22; Midrash Wayosha, 46.)

Rahab is a name that does come from The Bible, Psalms 87 & 89, and Isaiah 51:9 (distinct in the Hebrew from the Rahab of Joshua which often looks the same in English).  It's used by many modern Christian Gap theorists combining their Gap Theory with Ancient Astronaut theories as the name for a Planet or Civilization in the supposed Pre-Adamic world that was destroyed by Satan's Rebellion.

The standard view among normal scholars is it was a nickname of some sort for Egypt.  I do think it plausible there was once a Planet where the Asteroid Belt is, but I think The Flood would be when it's destruction happened.  Even if it is another name for Satan, these are possibly all prophetic passages.  Isaiah certainly is, many Psalms are ambiguous on if they're prophetic or not.

Rahab is used in other passages actually, but in those the KJV translates it rather then treating it as a name.  Isaiah 30:7 is the basis for linking it to Egypt, there it is translated "strength".  Job 9:13 and 26:12 translate it "proud".

Pagan mythologies even already had the idea of a Pre-Adamic race.  In Sumerian mythology the Igigi were who the gods originally meant to be their slaves, but they stopped obeying so the Adamu were made instead.  Greek mythology has three races of Man made before the current one was made from the earth, Golden, Silver and Bronze.  The Fae of Celtic religion have been thought of this way sometimes too.  There is also some Extra-Koranic Islamic legends about Pre-Adamic races.  But before that, the Jinn are also treated as a Pre-Adamic race.

Now the use of it in modern Evolution comprise makes these people the "ape men" and "cave men" alleged from the fossil record.  While the more classical idea was the previous races were better then us, not unlike Tolkien's Eldar.  The way it attacks The Bible remains the same, Death before Adam's Sin.

The Gap theory also has ties to Gnosticism.

The Bible only ever discuses in detail the Fall of Satan is Prophetic books, Isaiah 14:12, Ezekiel 28:13, and Revelation 12.

Only one isolated verse appears to place it in the past, Luke 18:10 "And I beheld Satan as lighting fell from Heaven". But God often uses past tense language in reference to future events(commonly known as “prophetic perfect”; example, Isaiah 53; 21:1-10).  Jesus is God The Son made Flesh, He came from Outside time, He's seen all of History already play out. He know the beginning from the end and the end from the beginning.

Job demonstrates that Satan still has free access to Heaven, and he's still serving that function in The New Testament, hence why he's called the Accuser. The only difference Post-Cross is that now believers have an Advocate in Jesus. 1 John 2:1

The big problem with this false view to me is that it conflicts with the important fact that Adam's sin is the origin of Sin and Death. (Roman 5:12, 1 Corinthians 15:21). Genesis 3 is the origin of Sin, it's not just the first Sin Adam or Eve committed, I believe it's the Serpent's first open act of rebellion against God as well. We don't need a Prequel Trilogy to explain how The Serpent became a sinner.

The Fallen Angels did not all fall at once. The first group to fall are the ones from Genesis 6, who are now imprisoned in the Abyss. Then after the Flood more began to fall. I suspect there may be some not fallen now who will fall before the end.

Satan is also still the "Archon (Prince or Ruler) of the World" (John 12:31, 14:30, 16:11) as well as the "God of this World" (2 Corinthians 4:4). Some think the John verses mean he ceases serving as that at the Crucifixion (Preterist and Amillennial thinking), but the Corinthians verse shows he still is, and Ephesians also shows his servants still rule the World behind the scenes. Jesus did purchase the World with his Death and Resurrection, but he doesn't actually take it until His Return.

Isaiah 14 is a continuation of 13, it's still the same Prophecy. It affiliates Satan's final doom with the final Doom of Babylon, which is yet future, (Revelation 17 and 18). But the exact timing I feel requires Revelation 12 to figure out.

Revelation 12 presumably begins as a summery of all History (but I interpret it all as End Times), the Woman being Israel, the War in Heaven begins not only after The Man Child's birth but also after his ascension/rapture. after the Woman/Israel has fled to her hiding place in the Wilderness, which as we know from Matthew 24 is triggered by the Abomination of Desolation. When it says he caused a 3rd of the stars to fall from Heaven, I believe that's referring specifically to the Angels who fell in Genesis 6 who are now in Tartaros.

In other words it's the Final Week.

A lot of people believe Satan will indwell in "The Antichrist", but I see no Biblical basis for that either. Many End Times Christian movies and books like Left Behind and Revelation/Tribulation, and The Omega Code virtually make The Devil and The Antichrist the exact same character. But in my view Revelation 13 and 16:13 clearly paint The Dragon (Satan), The Beast of the Sea (Antichrist) and Beast of the Earth (The False Prophet) as three distinct individuals, acting as a sort of counterfeit Trinity, with the last leading the world to worship both of the other two.

Revelation 19 and 20 give The Antichrist and The False Prophet a very separate fate from The Devil, their cast into the Lake of Fire after the Battle of Armageddon, their the first individuals ever sent there.  Satan is then bound in the Abyss/Tartaros for 1000 years and then after sparking one last rebellion he's cast into the Lake of Fire.

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