Friday, September 9, 2016

The Little Horn of Daniel 7

I've explained my basic view of how Daniel 7 relates to Revelation 13&17, and later elaborated on that.  Now I want to talk about the issue of The Little Horn, and how I've become unsure it's as directly relevant to The Antichrist issue as we assume.

I've explained that I view the Ten Horns as Ten Nations that emerged from the Western Roman Empire.  I've given two theories on how to identify those Ten.  The WEU theory, and the Danite theory.

This post also has some tangential relevance to my last Daniel 11 post.

Basically I have been considering that the Little Horn of Daniel 7 is an 11th Nation or Government to arise after those, rather then being necessarily the same as the Eight King of Revelation 17.  I have three basic theories to suggest on which nation that could be.

First is the United States of America.  Since the Little Horn isn't directly described as a King like the Ten are, perhaps that fits America being a Republic, that isn't in Europe but founded on European/Roman cultural pillars.

And perhaps the fact that since the U.S. was created, revolutions in Europe somewhat inspired by the American Revolution have removed some but not all European Monarchies.  Could have something to do with the Three Horns being uprooted.

This could overlap with my American Antichrist theories.  And perhaps also my America and Egypt observations as well dependent on how much you think the Little Horn of Daniel 8 is connected to the Little Horn of Daniel 7.

Second could be the European Union (or whatever it becomes) itself as a transnational Government.  Which could fit better with the WEU theory on the Ten Horns.  And perhaps #Brexit is the beginning of Three Horns being uprooted.

Third candidate could be Modern Greece.  Officially it gets counted as the 10th Nation to join the EU when it joined in the 80s, which Bible Prophecy enthusiasts made a big deal of.  But since the UK can be considered two nations in one (England and Scotland), you could also argue Greece is really the 11th.

That theory works best for making The Little Horn of Daniel 8 still the same Little Horn.  And I've discussed Modern Greece's possible relevance to Bible Prophecy before, in the Last Roman Emperor post, and my main Historicism post.

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