Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Ten Horns and The European Union

So Chris White has been saying that he no longer buys the idea of the European Union as the Ten Nation confederacy of Daniel 7/Revelation 13/17 because the European Union has more then just Ten Nations now.

The thing is the E.U is more complicated then that.  It overlaps with other European international organizations.  It's Military wing is in fact inseparable from the WEU (Western European Union) which itself also has strong ties to NATO.  The WEU has only Ten full member nations.

So I'm still convinced the Ten Horns/Toes probably refers to a European Confederacy.  I also think however it may be possible the 11th Little Horn is the United States of America.  But that's all speculative.  If The Antichrist is at first an ally of Israel coming to their aid as Chris White thinks, America fits that the best.

That's one theory, I have another one I shall elaborate on.

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