The Beast, The False Prophet and Egypt

Edom = Rome connection

Did Edom become Rome?

Edomite Religion and Rome

How did Edom become Rome?

Caesar and Seir

The Amalekites and The Hyksos

The Eagle clue on the Arch of Titus

Fourth Beast of Daniel

Rome is the Fourth Empire

Daniel 7 and Daniel 2

Daniel 11:36-45 is about Octavian Caesar Augustus

The Ten Horns and The WEU

The Seven Kings Part 1: Caesars

The Seven Kings Part 2: Time is Relative

The Seven Kings Part 3: Herodian Dynasty

The Seven Kings Revised

Does Daniel 8 limit where The Antichrist can come from?

The Genealogy of The Antichrist: Seleucid Dynasty

The Genealogy of The Antichrist: Descent from Antiquity

The Genealogy of The Antichrist: Antiochus to Charlemagne

Mystery Babylon

Ephraim and Edom?

Ephraim, Edom and The Gentiles

American Antichrist?

The Mystery of The False Prophet, is a 4 part Study of mine.

Part 1: The False Prophet outside Revelation

Part 2:The Signs and Wonders of The False Prophet

Part 3: Who will The False Prophet claim to be?

Part 4: The True identity of The False Prophet

A New Part
Which Beast is Actually in Control?


Isaiah 19 and the Aswan Damn

The Mercy Seat is NOT a Throne

Could The Antichrist Rule from Egypt?

Isaiah 19 and Ptolemaic Egypt

America and Egypt (Rome is mentioned too)

Maybe Daniel 11 isn't about Antiochus Epiphanes at all?

Some more Mystery Babylon Issues

England and Egypt

The Nile In The Bible

God has used Babylon, and he might again

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