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Genealogy of The Antichrist: Antiochus to Charlemagne

St. Arnulf of Metz is a 33–generation descendant of Antio-
chos II
Numbers in each generation follow
Generation 1
1. St. Arnulf of Metz,
in the kingdom of Austrasia
(c.582–16.8.640). He married Dode (–?–), daughter of Arnold of Schelde,
after 611.
Generation 2
2. Bodogisel, ambassador to Byzantium in 589.
Generation 3
4. Mummolin,
in 566 in Neustria.
Generation 4
9. NN. married to Munderic.
Generation 5
19. Artemie, married in 513to Florentinus, bishop of Geneve.
Generation 6
38. Rustique, bishop of Lyon between 494 and 501
Generation 7
76. Rurice de Limoges, bishop of Limoges c. 485-507
Generation 8
152. NN.
Generation 9
304. Adelphius.
Generation 10
609. Anicia, married to Pontius.
Generation 11
1219. Turrenia Anicia Iuliana, married to Quintus Clodius
Hermogenianus Olybrius, consul in 379.
Generation 12
2438. Anicius Auchenius Bassus, prefect in 382 in Rome, mar-
ried to Turrenia Honorata.
Generation 13
4876. Amnius Manius Cæsonius Nicomachus Anicius Paulinus
Honorius, consul in 334.
Generation 14
9752. Amnius Anicius Iulianus, consul in 322.
Generation 15
19504. Sextus Anicius Faustus, consul in 298.
Generation 16
39009. Asinia Iuliana Nichomacha, married to Quintus Ani-
cius Faustus.
Generation 17
78018. Caius Asinius Nicomachus Iulianus, proconsul in Asia
circa 250.
Generation 18
156036. Caius Asinius Quadratus Protimus, proconsul in A-
khaia circa 220.
Generation 19
312072. Caius Asinius Quadratus, historian, c. 200.
Generation 20
624144. Caius Iulius Asinius Quadratus.
Generation 21
1248288. Caius Iulius Quadratus Bassus, consul in 105, mar-
ried to Asinia Marcella.
Generation 22
2496576. Caius Iulius Bassus, proconsul in Bithynia, 98.
Generation 23
4993152. Caius Iulius Severus, nobleman from Akmoneia in
Generation 24
9986304. Artemidoros, nobleman in Galatia.
Generation 25
19972608. Amyntas, tetrarcus of Trocmes.
Generation 26
39945217. NN., married to Brogitarix, king of Galatia c. 63–50
Generation 27
79890435. Berenike, married to Deiotarix I, king of Galatia,
63–41 b.C.
Generation 28
159780871. NN. (daughter).
Generation 29
319561742. Attalos Philometor III, king of Pergamon, 138–133
Generation 30
639123485. Stratonike of Kappadokia, married to Eumenes,
king of Pergamon, 197–159 b.C.
Generation 31
1278246970. Ariarathes IV Eusebes Philopator, king of Cap-
padokia, 220–163b.C.
Generation 32
2556493941. Stratonike, married to Ariarathes III.
Generation 33
5112987882. Antiochos II Theos I, king of Syria, 261–246 b.C.,
b. 290 b.C.

I copied the above line of descent from another source, but because other things in that source are bad info I don't want link to it. But this line of decent I have studied generation by generation and it's valid, though a few mistakes might have been made in exactly how it was expressed.  At a certain point it overlaps with my Genealogy of Commanege, Julia the wife of Gaius Julius Quadratus was the daughter of Gaius Julius Alexander and Iotapa daughter of Anitochus IV of Commagene.  From them came the Historian of 200 AD.

Arnulf of Metz's son Ansegisel married Saint Begga, the daughter of Pepin of Landen. They had Pepin of Herstal the father of Charles Martel, the father of Pepin the Short, the father of Charlemagne.

Ansegisel and Begga also had a daughter Clotilda of Heristal who was married to the Merovingian king Theoderic III of of Neustria and Austrasia. Bertrada of Prum was very likely their daughter, she was the mother of Caribert of Laon.  His daughter daughter Bertrada of Laon was the wife of Pepin the Short mentioned above and mother of Charlemagne.

Another note on the above line of descent. Munderic claimed to be a son of Chlodoric the Parricide, who's called that because he murdered his own father, Sigobert the Lame, in order to take his kingdom. Chlodoric acted upon the instigation of Clovis I a rival king of the Salian Franks. After Sigobert's death Clovis then accused Chlodoric of the murder and had him killed in his turn for the crime. In this way Clovis became king of Sigobert's and Chlodoric's people. Sigobert the lame could be a descendant of Merovee by a line independent of Clovis I.

It is well known that pretty much all modern European Royalty can claim descent from Charlemagne.  And other prominent families too.  It's been claimed in Conspiracy theory circles that almost all Presidents of The United States are descendants of Charlemagne.  I'm not sure how verifiable that claim is.

Charlemagne also as can be shown above had Merovingian ancestry.  So that can tie into theories about how DaVinci Code type claims might be used.  But other means exist to try and give this same European Royalty Davidic Ancestry.
The theories being drawn on here have been discredited by many skeptics.

But it's interesting, between that and the Armenian/Georgian royalty.  We have a lot of people with Seleucid descent with dubious claims to Davidic descent.

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