Saturday, August 16, 2014

Does Daniel 8 limit The Antichrist's origin to lands ruled by Alexander?

Christ White assumes it does, and that's the only real reason he feels there is to rule out America as The Antichrist's nation of origin.

First off Daniel 8 does not link The Antichrist to vaguely any of the 4/5 nations to form out of the division of Alexander's Empire, but specifically to The Seleucid Empire.  Yet Daniel 11, where The Seleucid Empire is refereed to in purely geographical terms as the King of The North, once it reaches the career of The Antichrist during the End Times in verses 36-45, verse 40 clearly has him at war with the King of The North.

In my Genealogy of The Antichrist study I lay out why I feel Daniel 8's connection of him to the Seleucid Dynasty is genealogical not geographical.

At any rate he does conquer the region the ancient Seleucid Empire ruled.  It does not need to be his place of origin.

As I've said elsewhere, I definitely still think the Ten Horns are the European Union/WEU.  And maybe it's possible The Little Horn is the United States.  If The Antichrist is at first an ally of Israel coming to their aid as Chris White thinks, America fits that the best.

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