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More on my 2018-2025 Theory

I don't want this theory to ever become like the Blood Moon or Smeitah fads we see now.  I want awareness of my research to increase, but I don't want Christians radio shows getting people all riled up and frightened over it.  We who are in Christ have nothing to fear, because we cannot die.  And Satan can't touch us unless God allows him to.

I'm not dogmatic on this.  And I'm not playing games with it, I have very specific things I expect to see happen by Pentacost (Karaite reckoning) of 2018 if this is true or I will fully admit to being wrong and that Suleiman's decree has no Biblical relevance.

I'm never gonna try to make money off this either, as much as I want to become more financially independent, the Spirit is leading me to make everything I know about this available to the Public for Free.

First of all, before we even reach the time in question The Temple needs to be rebuilt.  Now modern technology could allow them to build a Temple (or it could be just a Tabernacle) pretty quickly.  And while I'm certain of where Solomon and Herod's Temples were, I'm not so sure the next Temple will be built on the exact right spot.  And Revelation 11 is the only reason I'm certain it has to be in Jerusalem, not somewhere else like Shiloh where I believe Ezekiel's Temple will be.

Even if The Temple is built by then, there are still things (at least 3, maybe 4) I expect to happen in Nisan of 2018, maybe the idea of some happening in Iyar, on Second Passover could be possible, but that's it, once Spring of 2018 is over my time for being vindicated is past.

This theory being wrong will not throw out most of how I interpret Bible Prophecy, the only significant change it would make I'll discus latter, but how I view the events of Revelation playing out over 7 years, and how I view the first fulfillment of the 70 Weeks, remain in tact.

If some of what I'll discus below happens but not all then maybe I could say I'm part right and just need to rethink some things.  In fact being part right on what would happen in 2018 would probably change my overall view of Bible Prophecy more then being completely wrong on this time frame would.

Properly speaking the 70th Week would begin on the Rosh Codesh of Nisan (Karaite reckoning) of 2018.  But the events that will single we're now in it will happen latter, but will happen probably in Nisan, and by Pentecost on the absolute latest.

I'll list what I expect to happen in basically the order I expect them to.  Reasons for why I view the Chronology of the 70th Week this way are explained here.

1. The Two Witnesses will begin their Ministry.  Possibly on Nisan 7.  Now this is tricky because I do feel counterfeit Witnesses are possible, so we need to show discernment if anyone makes such claims for themselves.  But I also have a feeling no counterfeit could do the exact same miracles they can perform.  The False Prophet can call fire down from heaven, but the Witnesses shoot fire from their mouths.

2. The Sixth Seal events will happen, probably on the 14th of Nisan, (or maybe Second Passover a month latter) in fact I think they'll correlate to the same time Jesus was on The Cross.  All of Revelation 6 I expect to happen when The Week starts, but the 6th seal has the most unmistakable identifying events.

Now on this I'm far less certain because of my shifting Antichrist views.  But it could be at about the same time as 2 or 3 that a person who is either a leader or ally of Israel will be killed and heralded by the Jews and maybe also Christians as Messiah Ben-Joseph.  This individual would be the White Horseman, and possibly his killer the Red Horseman who might be a Mahdi claimant. It may be that when he's resurrected 2.5-3.5 years latter he'll turn out to be the First Beast, the Eight King, the Little Horn.

3. Jerusalem will be invaded by an enemy, maybe a Muslim army, the Walls Suleiman had rebuilt will be breached and maybe even brought down completely in a manner that parallels the Walls of Jericho (perhaps even on the same day).  And from that point all of Jerusalem but the Temple itself, including everyplace settled by Jews now, will be under Gentile Control, hence trodden under the foot of the Gentiles for 42 months.

4. On Pentecost of 2018 would be when Revelation 7 is fulfilled, and I expect it's fulfillment to be like a massive global repeat of Acts 2.

If none of that happens I'll drop this issue, look for other possible dates but fully admit that my logic for this model was wrong, there is no other model I can build based on the entire 70 Weeks prophecy having a second fulfillment.

Here is the big thing.  They way I've redefined how I look at the 70 Weeks, and reject much Dispensationalist logic I used to buy into.  I will then if this theory is wrong reject the idea of the 70th Week being End Times relevant at all.

Now I can and have already proven that Revelation implies a 7 year time period, appealing to Daniel isn't needed.  Revelation 11 describes 3.5 years that must end before the 7th Trumpet sounds, while 12-13 describes 3.5 years that can't begin till after the 7th Trumpet sounds.  The 7th Trumpet I'm convinced is The Rapture Trumpet.

Seven Year time periods are a theme throughout Scripture, I don't need Daniel to prove that point.

And I'll still unlike most who view the 70th Week as fulfilled in the first advent reject the whole Crucifixion being the halfway point idea.  He was Crucified when the 69th Week ended and the 70th Began.  I explain somewhat a 30-37 AD 70th Week model here.  Jesus ministry was about 1 year not three.

A lot of this puts me on par with some of Rob Skiba's recent views.  His point about why Jacob's Trouble should be 20 years is interesting.  But he's assuming those 20 years can't have started yet, or at most started 3 years ago.

My current theory has the 7 years ending in 2025, 20 years before that is 2005, when Israel was forced to pull out of Gaza, evicting many Jews from their homes, and turning Gaza into a launching pad for terrorist attacks on Israel.  This was really Israel's first set back since they got their Nation in 1948.  Now that didn't happen in Nisan but still.

Now I am critical of how Israel has dealt with the Gaza situation recently, I do consider Israel's government as corrupt as any other.  But it's not the Israeli government who suffered, it's the Israeli people.  Just as the Cuban Embargo hurts the Cuban people, not it's Government.

Or if we view the 20 years of affliction as ending with The Rapture which I put at the midway point, which in this model is Yom Teruah in 2021.  That's about 20 years from 9/11.

Rob still makes the mistake of viewing the "Great Tribulation" as only the last half of the 7 years.  As I've argued firmly the Great Tribulation is all Church Age persecution.  If it's a time period at all then it began when Stephen was stoned and will end at The Rapture.  The "After the Tribulation" reference in Matthew 24 Post-Tribbers obsess over only proves that the Church's Tribulation by definition ends at the Rapture, no matter when The Rapture happens.  God's Wrath is still after and that and spans 42 months as a face value reading of Revelation proves.

The Woman of Revelation 12 who is national Israel still has tribulation however hiding in the Wilderness.  I agree with Rob that the Church is grafted into Israel in a sens,e but we're still distinct and National/Biological Israel still matter, the Woman of Revelation 12 is a mother not a bride, she can't be the Church.

Some Preterists have argued Stephen was stoned 1290 days after The Crucifixion (Tishri of 33 AD).  They made that argument equating that to the first half of the 70th Week, not the last, but still it's interesting, though different from the date for Stephen's stoning I speculated on originally as being around Hanukkah of 36/37 AD.

I'm not the biggest fan of allegorizeing numbers, especially the Day=Year method of Historicists.  But when the reference is an allegory to being with, like connecting Jacob's 20 year Affliction to the Eschatological Time of Jacob's Trouble, then to some extent why not.  Maybe 20 years can become 20 Centuries, Two Thousand years from the Stoning of Stephen till The Rapture.  That could certainly fit the 2030-2037 model I'd speculated on long ago. For this 2018-2025 model it'd work to say about 2000 years but not exactly.

If this theory is proven wrong, and I may consider it most likely wrong before the Nisan in question even starts if Temple progress isn't made.  I may consider a theory that while there is certainly a 7 year period in Revelation, it may not cover everything in Revelation 6-19 but rather only 11-19.  And maybe the proceeding 13 years could be where the Seals and first 6 Trumpets happen.  But I'd have to put a lot of thought into that.

Or maybe we should consider that a 20 year Time of Jacob's trouble refers not to before the Millennium but after it.  That it begins with Satan's getting let out of the Abyss.

The biggest inconvenience abandoning an Eschatological 70th Week would have for me is that I'd have to change the name of this Blog (Which was MidSeventitWeekRapture when I first made this Blog post).  The issue there is I've linked to this Blog in so many places, as references in many blog posts on this and my other blogs.  That I could never find and change all of them.  I'll have to check with Blooger on if it's possible to change the name but keep the old URLs in tact.

I may change the name even before abandoning this view, just for other reasons.  The new name for my Rapture model (which is distinct from traditional Mid-Trib) would be The Midway Point Rapture.
I may abandon having my rapture model as the name of the Blog at all, since it's a constant pain when I link to it in certain Facebook groups and people just respond to my Rapture model and not the subject of the actual post.


The ONLY think that could allow me to adjust this theory to a different timeline is if the Date for Suileman's decree is wrong.  And if I become convinced it is I will hope to do so and renounce this 2018-2025 timeline well before it become nigh.

The January 14 1546 Earthquake provides the only reason suspect something amiss there.  It is an odd coincidence that it seems Construction projects had started in Jerusalem less then 15 years before this Earthquake demanded further construction.

And it would be interesting if one cold re-date the Decree of Suileman to a year a couple months after the Earthquake, to the Nisan of 1547 AD, then that could cause line up with the 2030-2037 Model I'd already argued for awhile ago for completely unrelated reasons.  And it would mean Suleiman's decree was exactly 2000 years after Artaxerxes.

But in order for any of that to work one would have to argue against the reasons the rebuilding of the Walls is dated to 1535-1538.  And if that is solid it could be the usual date for the Earthquake that is wrong.

Another Update: I've for now abandoned this theory as explained here.

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