Saturday, September 26, 2015

September 11th 3 BC Birth-Date Theory

What happened on this date with Jupiter and Regulus I still view as vital to understanding the Star of Bethlehem.

There are people out there however obsessed with thinking the vision seen in Revelation 12 is about this date and the Birth of Jesus.  There are major problems with that.

First off regardless of if the Birth of Jesus is what Revelation 12 symbolically represents, those signs are not seen in the Heavens until after the Seventh Trumpet is sounded.  These signs I believe are what Jesus meant by "Signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars" in Luke 21 and "Sign of the Son of Man" in the Olivite Discourse.

But I have shown that I don't think Revelation 12 is depicting the Birth of Jesus at all, but the Resurrection and Rapture of The Church.

As far as thinking Virgo has something to with Revelation 12.  I am definitively convinced the Seventh Trumpet sounds on Yom Teruah, and I'm very compelled by the Gospel in The Stars theory.  So I have looked into speculation about Virgo and Revelation 12.

But there is still no Biblical proof it has anything to do with Virgo.  And even if it does I still think it may be futile to look for it on Stellerium.  I think this is probably ultimately a completely supernatural occurrence, like what God did with the Sun for Joshua or Hezekiah.

The Moon being under Virgo's feet while the Sun is in Virgo happens every year, sometimes twice a year.  The requirements for this vision are not rare in any way.

Rob Skiba likes to say it has to be a New Moon to fit this so he can say September 11th 3 BC was the only 80 Minutes in history this happened.  But nothing in the text of Revelation 12 says it has to be the New Moon, I have other reasons for believing on or near the New Moon is when this happens, but the Greek text does not say that, it's just the standard Greek word for Moon.  Exact same word used in Revelation 6, which I believe will happen on or soon after a Full Moon.

At any-rate I think there might be a New Moon under Virgo's Feet on October 7th 21 AD.

But I no longer favor that End Times model.  I now have a theory Revelation 12 could be fulfilled on September 26th 2033 AD.

The Romans would not have made all of Judea have to travel longs distances to their family homes only two weeks before Tabernacles.  Tabernacles was a pilgrimage festival were all the Jews had to be in Jerusalem for the entire week.  Preparations for that would have to begin more then 2 weeks in advance.  So I'm sorry but Jesus simply could not have been born on one of the Leviticus 23 Holy Days.

I have shown elsewhere that Jesus was born on December 25th after all.

And all his talk about all the Sun gods being born on December 25th is wrong.  The Winter Solstice was affiliated by Sun worshipers with Death and Resurrection not birth.  Apollo and Dionysus Birthdays were originally in Spring.  But Augustus changed it to his Birthday September 23rd which happened to be near the Autumul Equinox.

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