Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Moon being like Blood and not giving Light are not the same thing

They are mutually exclusive.

Pre-Wrathers keep referring to the "Celestial disturbance event" as if there is only one.  Revelation has multiple celestial disturbance events, and Pre-Wrathers claim to like me interpret Revelation Chronologically, or at least that the Seals, Trumpets and Bowls are successive judgments not different looks at the same thing like Post-Tribbers tend to.

They want to see references outside Revelation to the Moon being darkened as being the Sixth Seal, even though the Moon isn't darkened there.  Later the Sun, Moon and Stars are partially darkened by the 4th Trumpet event, then for 40s days the sun, moon and stars are fully blacked out in the 5th Trumpet event by the smoke.  Then later the Fifth Bowl of God's Wrath is what I believe Isaiah 13 means by the Sun and Moon not giving their light at the time Babylon falls in Revelation 18.

Every Pre-Wrather I know is against the Blood Moon theory, Chris White's debunking of it I've recommended repeatedly.  Yet they use the modern Scientific explanation for what a Lunar Eclipse is to justify saying the Moon being like Blood and not giving light are the same.

During a Lunar Eclipse the Moon is darker then usual but it is giving light, it is only on a Solar Eclipse or New Moon (day before the Biblical New Moon) that the Moon gives no light, if you want to look for a normal astronomical even for that.

If the Moon has any color at all it is by definition giving light.  There is no Color without light.

Here is the thing though, Blood is actually a very bright red.  And when I was observing the last of the overly hyped Tetrad a few days ago I kept feeling it was not a shade of Red I'd describe as like Blood at all.

What's funny is the Full Moon a month prior to this, at the end of August looked inexplicably Red, and I know others observed the same thing.  That was a shade of Red I'd consider Blood Red, but there was no Lunar Eclipse that day.  I still don't understand what caused that.

If there is a naturalistic explanation at all for what happens to the Sun and Moon in the Sixth Seal it is probably ash entering the air form a Volcanic Eruption, which has been documented to cause the Moon to look bright Red in the past.  The reason that happens is all about the light the Moon is giving.  And Joel 2's account of this event clearly alludes to Volcanoes.

But even accepting that flawed logic for saying a Blood Moon could be a darkened moon.  That doesn't change that there are other places in Revelation far more explicitly about the Moon being darkened.  Yet Pre-Wrath and other mistaken views are dependent on insisting that the Moon being darkened in Matthew 24 can ONLY correspond to the Sixth Seal.

This post is elaborating on things I said in my first Sixth Seal post.  And also ties into this post.

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