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Chris White's Jewish Messiah claimant theory

False Christ: Will The Antichrist claim to be the Jewish Messiah

I left a Review on Amazon of the Book.  I like Chris White's style.  I've actually changed my mind on some things since I left that review.

I cannot accept White's Mystery Babylon theory.  Or much of how he views the second half of the 70th week since he's Pre-Wrath and I'm not.

How Chris White envisions the first half of the 70th Week I've come to think may be more or less exactly right.  He talks in one of his Podcasts, I think it was this one.
And talks more about it here.

About why he believes The Antichrist won't be trying to appeal to The World like we generally assume.  Satan already has The World.  It'll be us Bible Believing Judeo-Christians he's trying to trick.  I'd already considered to some degree that he might use the Messiah Ben-Joseph concept.

But this ability to deceive true believers will end once The Abomination of Desolation happens.  From then on it's purely by Force he enforces his Will.

I've become more open then I used to be to the idea of The Antichrist being American.  After all Chris White's think he'll be an ally coming to Israel's aid, America is the only one they really have.  And I think now if he's American he'll come from The Right, not the Left.  Either claiming to be one of us Evangelical Pro-Israel Christians.  Or one of those "Conservative" that the "Moral Majority" are so easily duped into supporting, meaning a Republican/Neo-Con.  But I also wouldn't rule out him appearing to be exactly the same kind of Paleo-Conservative or Libertarian that I prefer to vote for.  But he would obviously be betraying such Small Government, Free Market, Individual Liberty principles once he imposes the Mark.

I'm also reminded of how annoyed at I am at many Evangelicals to be wiling to get in Bed politically with The LDS Church.  They all got behind Romney because they felt anything is better then Obama.  Those of use trying to warn them that both parties are equally corrupt are constantly ignored.

Being Mid-Trib rather then Pre-Wrath does give me one big difference in how I view the first half of the 70th week.  I believe The Church will face a Worldwide persecution before The Abomination of Desolation.  The persecution after is of Jews which is why I can't accept the idea of them still following him as their Messiah during the second Half when their in hiding.

I've said I don't think the persecution The Church faces will necessarily be from The Antichrist.  And in-light of other things we've discussed here, I'm thinking maybe he'll be the one political leader opposing the persecution.

Chris White's discussion of Messiah Ben-Joseph ignores one key aspect of it.  That's he's also supposed to be of the "Lost Tribes" reuniting Judah and Joseph.  But it's something he should consider since he does take over a Ten Kingdom confederacy, that's probably from The West.

Likewise his discussion of how the incorrect Psalm 83 theory of Bill Saulus could serve The Antichrist leaves how how many people teaching on that theory think a sort of "New Gideon" will be involved, since it alludes to the Gideon Narrative in that Psalm.

British-Israelism and French Israelism and other related theories try to claim that the Celtic, Germanic and Norse tribes of Northern and Western Europe are the Lost Tribes.  And also that European Royalty has descent from King David.  These ideas are often lumped in with Anti-Semies believing in some form of replacement theology and/or the Kazzar conspiracy theory, which Chris White does a good Job debunking on YouTube.

But Britam is a community of Orthodox Jews who accept such theories.  And as think Think messiah Ben-Joseph will be a western Political Leader.
And while the reject the normal Tea-Telphi myth.  They do have their own means of claiming David Descent for European Royalty.

Even though the foundational passage of the Messiah Ben-Joseph concept is a verse from Zachariah 12 that we Christian know refers to Jesus and his Wounds from The Cross.  There are some Christians who have accepted the Messiah Ben-Joseph idea.
That website is only one example.  Certain Rabbinic teaches about Messiah Ben-Joseph's body lying in the Streets of Jerusalem till he's Resurrected have been taken advantage of by Christians to see him in The Two Witnesses.

Which reminds me of why I'm so bothered by Perry Stone's decision to see Elijah/The Two Witness as political figure,s who's retake control of The Temple Mount from the Muslims.  None of that is in Revelation 11.

This takes me to one more aspect of Chris White's theory I want to talk about.  His view that The False Prophet/Second Beast is posing as Elijah.

That view could be correct entirely, it works fine with how I generally view things.  But his claim that ONLY people trying to write in the Mahdi/Islamic Antichrist idea see The False Prophet as a posing as Jesus is a straw-man.  I've seen online articles tying that into a Papal Antichrist viewpoint.  And one saying he resembles 'The Gentle Jesus of Liberal Denominations", which is virtually the opposite.

I'll be a post latter on why I think he will be posing as Jesus Biblical.  Here I'd like to say that if The Antichrist poses as Messiah Ben-Joseph, a fake Jesus could also play the Messiah Ben-David role.  That's who is expected to resurrect Messiah Ben-Joseph.

A fake Elijah is needed if it's Jewish eschatology expectation he's mainly trying to deceive.

I think it's possible the two Lamb-Like horns of the Second beast are like the Horns of the first beast, separate individuals linked to him.  And thus possibly two Proto-False Prophets posing as The Two Witnesses.

But also, I have that other post where I suggest it'll look like The Antichrist is performing the Signs and Wonders that The False Prophet is performing.

I've actually exchanged the emails with Yair Davidy of Britam.  Because while I don't believe that Theory, they do have interesting information.  In response to one Email I sent he said many Jews are willing to consider that Messiah Ben-Joseph and the returned Elijah are the same.  Since Elijah is a Northern Kingdom figure, from The House of Joseph.  That obviously overlaps well with the potential Two Witnesses confusion.

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