Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Kurds have been in the News Today

I of course believe the view that they are the Eschatological Medes of Isaiah 13 and Jeremiah 50-51.  I'm going to share here some links on the subject.

I disagree with plenty of other Prophetic views in some of these articles. I've spoken elsewhere on why I reject Turkey being part of the Gog and Magog alliance. And Either way I see it as Post Millennial. And Because Isaiah 13-14 is relevant, the usual mistakes about Satan's fall which I've sought to correct elsewhere come up.

And sadly many I'm sure were written by typical Republican Evangelicals, who support Neo-Con foreign Policy. I find it amusing how Perry Stone talks about the huge mess in Iraq and how it might be paving the way for The Antichrist. But refusing to accept that Bush's foreign policy is what made that mess.

First is a link not bringing any Biblical Prophecy or modern Politics into it. Just about the reasons why The Kurds can claim to be the modern Medes.

I realize there are other scholars skeptical of the view. And they're not the only people who can claim some Medean descent, and more then just the Medes contributed to their ancestry. But they're the ones in The right Biblical place. The way the controversy brings Turkey and Iran into it also fits. Jeremiah also refers to locations in western Turkey and northern Iran when he speaks of Ashkenaz and Ararat and Minni in 51:27.

These Links are on the modern situation without bringing in Prophecy.
This last one is a liberal source critical of Israel supporting the Kurds. Ignoring that Jordan was created to be a state for The Muslims of the "Palestine" region.

The following links are on The Medes role in Isaiah and Jeremiah's prophecies.

I should add that I personally think this conflict involving The Kurds, Iraq, Turkey and Iran may be the crisis that is the "tidings out of the east and out of the north" that bother the Willful King in Daniel 11:44 after he conquers The King of The North (Syria) which looking at things right now may be I.S.I.S.

Some people speculate on The Kurds possibly having Lost Tribes ancestry, I talk about why that more here.  It makes sense because many of the deported northern Israelites were taken to the cities of the Medes.

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