Monday, August 18, 2014

Mid-Trib discussed by another supporter.

Nomadic Ministry

This is another online Blog that supports the Mid-Tirb position.  Since we're a small position I feel we should support each other.  But I have a lot of Doctrinal disagreements with Nomadic Ministry on a lot of other issues.  Including his version of Dual Covenant Theology, and lack of support for the full inspiration of Scripture.

In one of his other posts he chooses very mistakenly to agree with the Pre-Tirb crowd that Matthew 24 isn't describing The Rapture.  I view that as very unfortunate.

I also have Political disagreements with him.  He tends to be Neo-Con on foreign policy, while I'm a Ron Paul Libertarian.


  1. Disagreement is what separates us fro those who nod along in the pews every sunday.