Thursday, August 28, 2014

It is OK for a Dispensationalsit to be critical of Israel.

I saw someone make a blog posts a few weeks ago trying to explain reason a Christian should be Pro-Israel even if their not Dipsensaitonalist.

I am a Supporter of Israel's right to their Land.  But I feel like saying that you can believe God's Covenant with the Nation of Israel still stands and admit modern Israel's government can be corrupt.

Now as a Libertarian I feel to an extent that Americans shouldn't be criticizing other Governments at all.  We should worry about our own Nation which is very evil right now and has been for decades, the Party doesn't matter.

What really bugs me however is seeing Jews including Israelis, who criticize the Israeli Government or show sympathy for the plight of the Palestinians, being written off as self hating Jews.  As a believer in the ideals America's Founding Fathers fought for, I believe the proof of a true Patriot is speaking out against your Government when you feel they've done wrong.

I agree that Romans 11 teaches that Israel shall be Saved as a nation.  But we are currently still in the Romans 10 Dispensation, they are currently still Enemies of the Gospel.

Ancient Israel had Evil corrupt Rulers constantly, Modern Israel is certainly going to do better then they did.

I agree there is evidence God supernaturally intervened in the Six Day War on Israel's behalf.  But he intervened on Ahab's behalf too.  That intervention is because of his Promise to Abraham, but it's not an endorsement of the leadership.

I agree that Satan wants The World to hate Israel.  But I also believe one of his tools to make that happen is the Evil with Israels' own Government.

Now you'll never see agree with those who believe Zionism period is Evil.  Or endorsing Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories lie the Khazar myth, of Holocaust denial, or the Protocols of Zion hoax, no suggesting Mossad had anything to do with 9/11 (that was all CIA).  But Israel's government is just as prone the natural corruption all Governments are prone too.  Which can include False Flag Terrorism.

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