Saturday, August 9, 2014

ISIS is starting to resemble Ancient Assyria

With their conquering massive regions of northern Syria and Iraq.  And the original states goal being all of Syria and Iraq (they've since raised the bar on their ambitions).  And Mosul, which is modern Nineveh, being central to the news coverage of them.

So I think that could be relevant to people who see an end times significant to certain references to "The Assyrian" in Isaiah.  But while most see The Antichrist as The Assyrian, I see him rather as an adversary of The Antichrist, the King of The North of Daniel 11:40.

Because the earlier part of Daniel 11 (describing the Hellenistic era) has The King of The North correlating to the Seleucid Empire.  Which likewise was primarily based in modern Syria and Iraq.

This reminds of my theory that there will be Decoy Antichrists.  Possibly multiple ones.  It seem inevitable to me that this Caliph of ISIS's Islamic State Caliphate will claim to be The Mahdi.  Which will have the likes of Perry Stone jumping to conclusions.

This could turn out to not be relevant at all.  I don't want to be dogmatic about anything, and things constantly change.  But right now I feel this is an interesting development.

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