Thursday, August 7, 2014

Nahum, and the Dam in Mosul, modern Nineveh

When I saw the news earlier today that there is concern ISIS could destroy a Dam in Mosul (which I know is modern Nineveh) to Flood the Shite regions of Iraq.  I immediately thought of the Prophet Nahum.

I don't want to sounds I'm saying for certain.  But it's interesting.  because Nahum spoke of Nineveh and Flooding. Te immediate fulfillment of Nahum's prophecies was Nineveh's fall to what we call the Neo-Babylonian Empire.  But Bible Prophecies can have a dual Fulfillment.

It's an interesting development to look at.


  1. Hi Jared. That is a very astute observation. Nahum says that God will destroy "the place" where Nineveh sat with a flood. ISIS now controls Mosul. ISIS consists of Al-Qaeda terrorists from Mosul. They are committing the same atrocities that the ancient Assyrians did. Here is a verse by verse study of Nahum in light of current events.

    1. Thank you, that is an interesting study.

      I also have a follow up post to this one on this Blog